Sleep (Sedation) Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry – Central Coast

Many people are very nervous or anxious about seeing or being treated by the dentist. This fear can cause people to avoid the dentist and dental treatment completely sometimes resulting in severe pain and infection.

Fortunately at Terrigal Beach Dental we offer a number of techniques to help people overcome their fears and have the treatment needed to maintain a healthy mouth.

Sleep dentistry (also known as Sedation dentistry or Twilight Dentistry) is the use of medically administered and supervised IV sedation during a dental procedure. We have a medically trained Sedationist and Emergency Consultant administering safe and effective sedatives making it a relaxing and comfortable experience.

The procedure involves fasting prior to the sedation and then having the specially trained Doctor place an IV drip and monitoring equipment on you. The sedatives are then administered and before you know it the treatment is all finished and you are on your way home.

If you or someone you know suffers from a form of dental anxiety or phobia and are looking for sleep dentistry on the Central Coast speak with one of our dentists who can discuss this further with you.

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